Agora . . . .

 we are an international architecture firm based in china, we provide online architecture design services and consultation.

    We are  interdisciplinary and innovative-based company. It is founded to enrich the life of people through creating innovative, sustainable and environmentally friendly urban living environments. Having simplicity as the essence of our design philosophy is the reason behind creating innovative, luxurious, creative and highly efficient buildings. We create the desired and comfortable atmosphere for our building’s users, believing that as we shape our buildings, our buildings shapes us. Along with professional architects and expertise from different disciplines, we create aesthetically valuable and inspiring communities in a great harmony with culture, history, communities, through applying the most recent technologies while putting into consideration our natural environment.

 Why agora ?

  For all over the history, the Agora have been the central public space, as Agora was the center of the athletic, artistic, spiritual, market and political life of the city. Mean while, now days the virtual Internet world growing enormously, so we are a group of ambitious architects, we believe that the architects are the creator of physical world we live in, as architects are shaping the physical world surrounding us and create the life and activity happen within the space, so we here by creating a virtual agora to be a platform to provide architecture Services and consultation services.

    We provide a various Services starting from conceptual studies, Schematic design and design up to structure and construction design Services and we create the agora to be the virtual space for all parties include: owners, project management, contractors, manufacture and suppliers.


Design Culture


"Everything is to be Architected from cathedral to chicken coop''

  We believe that Design is not only about create good image or shaping Buildings; it is about Create values and create identity. believe that architects are creator of our world by shaping and creating spaces and activity,

We’re convinced that the design is the reflection of identity

   we convinced that every project’s unique character and Identity with those aspect we create our architecture solution,these values are what we strive for in each and every project  we’ve learnt that the best way to achieve our vision is to invest in a collaborative briefing process.

Therefore we work closely with our clients, taking the time to identify their unique requirements and using these to determine a space’s form and function.

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