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Providing different solutions for Residential, Educational, Complex building, ...etc



Providing the finest technology in the construction field and materials proposal and  budget control solution and building standards.



Interior design, lighting fixtures, finishing materials , smart appliance and furniture....etc.

As the virtual world ( internet ) is growing enormously , so we are here providing online design and consultation services, What ever your project type, if it is tiny or huge we working in same sequences to reach to the ultimate solution to satisfy the requirements, with all kind of design services and consultation all over the world.

Architectural design at Agora Architects Hub  is integrated and collaborative.

   We transform the client's vision into a tailored solution. Design begins with thoughtful collaboration and visioning that involves the entire team and evolves into an idea. This is grounded in solid planning and sustainable, economic principles. Through a series of interactive Design Dives, we capture the vision of a project. Our design tools inform and enable the team to create high performance solutions.

  We can provide :

  • Concept design

  • Planning & resource consent

  • Research & develop design

  • Detailed design

  • Material assessment and selection

  • Preliminary structural design

  • Construction methodology

  • Interdisciplinary consultant coordination and building consent documentation

Project Phases  explanation :


With cooperation withour partner company Moducon

We can provide :


  • Primarily design and planning.

  • Estimation and feasibility study.

  • Project consultation

  • Project Management

  • Finance support and solution

Prefab Solution

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