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The Five Mistakes in your marketing strategy for better business growth

Updated: Mar 14

The Five Mistakes  in your marketing strategy for better business growth

1. They marketing manger in the wrong places for what they need.

If you want to start a software company, you’d better know who are the major players in Silicon Valley. And if you want to get streetlights installed in front of your business, you don’t need to know the governor of the state (although it might help), but you should be able to call on your city councilperson, the mayor, or whoever is in charge of infrastructure for your community and have that person return your calls. Networking succeeds only if you’re looking for help in all the right places.

2. They marketing manger  at the wrong level far from goals. Instead of connecting  with individuals and organizations that can provide the high-level support they  need, most people spend too much time with those at their own level of knowledge and skill, or lower. If you’ve ever sat through an excruciating Chamber of Commerce meeting where most people are there to look for referrals, if you’ve achieved a certain position in your industry or community, so that everyone seeks to network with you but no one can help you gain access to the people you want to reach, you understand the problem. Networking at your current level may be comfortable.

3. most of marketing manger have no way to assess the relative value of the connections As they make most of us are drowning in opportunities to connect with others— through social media, professional associations or community organizations, business leads, and so on. But we fail to “connect the dots” and figure out which connections can provide the greatest benefits. I’m not saying that you should connect with some people and ignore others.

4. marketing manger have no system for optimizing their networking efforts. Have you ever returned from a conference or business function with a fistful of business cards, only to stick them in a drawer and do nothing with them!

Many people think networking is simply meeting one person after another. That may create a large (and unmanageable) pool of contacts, but it will not be the kind of strategic networking that can help them get things done. Research clearly shows that even with all of the wonderful computer driven tools at our disposal, human beings can build and maintain relation ships with around 150 people. so you simply have to pick the best who can fit to your strategy.

5. They fail to network in the best way to create high-value, long-term connections. IVe seen entrepreneurs approach venture capitalists at a conference and the first words they say are these: “I need a million dollars to get my business going.” Well, nobody’s going to give a stranger a million dollars—that’s like trying to go from point A to point Z in one step. Before people are willing to help with the big things, they must know you, like you, and trust you. And the way they will come to know, like, and trust you is through regular.; value-added contact through time. The key isn’t the number of contacts you make. It is the number of those contacts you turn into lasting relationships


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