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Social Media as mean of marketing

Updated: Mar 14

The Internet has expanded the power of the kinds of weak ties that are so important to a healthy network. With the a single click , you can reach people who are completely unlike you and bring greater diversity to your network. You can participate in wide-ranging communities and share information, news, opinions, and resources. By sending messages, tweeting and retweeting, blogging, commenting on others’ blogs, and participating in Linkedln groups and discussion boards, you can keep yourself top of mind with your network and perhaps with thought leaders in your  particular industry.

There are five fundamental channels that power connectors currently use to create and maintain relationships online: LinkedIn; e-mail; Twitter; content creation and commentary; and Facebook. With the speed of innovation, undoubtedly there will be many more such channels in the future, and power connectors should keep abreast of trends to take advantage of these new avenues of communication. Let s see how you can use social media and an online presence to maintain strong relationships with power circle members, reach out to people referred to you by your contacts, and  target and connect effectively with people you wish to reach, especially the movers and shakers in different ecosystems.

what are the most populous social media platform :

1. Linkedin

Most of your power circle members should be part of your first-level connections on Linkedln, and you should make yourself familiar with their profile pages, as you may discover things about them that you didn’t know (where they attended college and their special skills, interests, professional awards, and so on). Linkedln allows you to provide three different kinds of ongoing value to your power circle members. First, you may know someone they need to know, and you can easily provide an introduction or connection through Linkedln.

2. E-mail

I used send e-mails all the time because its one of the easiest tools available for

reaching out to people. have to watch out spamming issues.

3.Twitter With Twitter, power connectors can add value to their networks and reach out to thought leaders they wish to know. You can tweet content, share links you find interesting and/or important, comment on news, and get your opinion out to a broad network. By retweeting others content, you can add value to them while getting yourself on their radar for your contribution.

4: Content Creation and blogging On the Internet, content is king, and the ability to create and post content in the form of articles, blog posts, tele-seminars, webinars, slide decks of presentations, videos, audios, and so on, will position you as a contributor and potential leader in your field. In the funding and venture capital world, having an active online presence through blogs, content creation, and education is becoming a key marketplace advantage.

5.Facebook Me personally  not that active on Facebook, nor are many of my power circle members. However, if you are a retailer or a service provider, or if you own a small business, Facebook is a key way for you to connect with and build an online community, all without “leaving the store,” so to speak. There are three ways that power connectors use Facebook effectively


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