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Corona Ghost city

Updated: Mar 14

In the most populous country in the world in the most busy time in a year (Chinese New year festival)Within two weeks after spreads of Corona  virus in China which is home for 1.4 billion people suddenly in turn into ghost city empty streets with closed market, unless near hospital you can find some doctors with protective suite working in hospital struggle with thousands of patients.

such kind of dramatic movie  scene couldn't imagine ,I would live in it one day, find myself stuck in ghost city.

In cities full  of fears and anxiety after the authority announce the death become more 1000 persons within couple of weeks and no any vaccine for this virus, such kind of news force the people to stuck at their home and left china into real ghost city.

I decide to take chance and take a walk around the city to capture some pictures for totally empty city, feel the urban textures in absence of most important element in the urban texture which is the people.

so I am here by sharing with you my pictures below


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