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Contemporary Han Chinese courtyard house design

Updated: Mar 14

Chinese Han ethnic Contemporary courtyard house

Contemporary Chinese style courtyard

Combined with the psychological needs of today's people It not only has the elegance of European courtyard.

And more elegant and generous in Chinese style Closer to Chinese  live style with Simple and elegant features. Such a courtyard It not only makes us yearn for a better life More integrated with the deep heart of the Chinese people

A vision of a better life combining refinement and classical Chinese style courtyard and deep feeling of the space

Now the new Chinese style is more and more popular in the design field The decoration style as  that can remind Chinese people of their hometown It's those simple yards Blue bricks and wooden doors in the yard And the shadows of trees and bridges in the courtyard, It's all Chinese people's thoughts about their hometown.

Living in a yard like this Feel the beauty of the four seasons"There are hundreds of flowers in spring and months in autumn, cool wind in summer and snow in winter"

All the beauty of the nature in south of china


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